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How to Use TikTok with Tigz Rice

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Okay, I haven’t talked about it for a while so you might’ve forgotten (!) but remember that time I went viral on TikTok? Well since then I’ve been woefully absent on the app so I thought it was finally time to focus on it and there’s no better way to do that than dedicating an episode of Building Your Brand to it!

So in today’s episode I chat with personal branding and Boudoir photographer & TikToker Tigz Rice who grew her following to 100k in less than a year! We discuss their experiences going viral and some of the challenges maintaining a presence on the platform.

Along the way we covered strategies for content creation and growth on social medi and leveraging different platforms for brand success.

If you think TikTok isn’t for you, this episode will change your mind!

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Episode highlights

Tigz's TikTok Success Story: From Lurker to Influencer
Content Strategy and the Impact of Virality on Business
The Debate on Faceless Branding: Authenticity vs. Anonymity
Building Confidence for the Camera
Exploring Self-Photography and Virtual Shoots
The Importance of Posing and Photographer Relationships
Outsourcing and Managing Social Media
Navigating Platform Uncertainty and Embracing Owned Spaces
Diving into TikTok: Strategies and Community Building

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Portrait of photographer Tigz Rice, gues on the Building your Brand podcast
Tigz Rice

Tigz Rice is an empowerment photographer, who helps fearless humans re-connect with their bodies & feel empowered, confident & unapologetically present. Combining editorial photography with her signature retouching style, Tigz has been helping her clients level up their digital visibility since 2009, providing a portfolio of beautiful images that perfectly portray their unique personality, style and values.

Liz Mosley

Graphic and brand designer Liz helps small business owners feel way more confident promoting what they do.

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