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Be a guest on the Building your Brand podcast with Liz Mosley

If you have a brilliant idea for a topic you think the Building your Brand audience would love to hear about (especially if it’s something we haven’t covered before) we would love to hear your pitch!


Put together a strong, stand out pitch for the podcast!

We are always on the hunt for insightful, experienced small business professionals and owners to share their stories with our growing audience.

We get a lot of pitches so make sure to give us plenty of information about why you think you should be a guest, why you think you’re a good fit for the Building your Brand audience, and give us some ideas of topics you could talk about. We would also love to see examples of other places you share yourself talking, whether that is on social media, other podcasts or maybe YouTube.

About Building your Brand

Graphic Designer Liz Mosley wants small business owners to build businesses that they LOVE and feel confident about promoting. 

Through her decade of branding and design experience and with the help of her guests, she shares top tips to take the fear out of selling and building your brand.

Liz is looking to cover a broad range of topics that all fall under the umbrella of branding and marketing and is always on the look out for topics she hasn’t covered before. 

The podcast is particular aimed at small business owners so please factor that into how you pitch. 


Guest requirements

Preferred, but not required

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Let's get to know you...

Guidelines for episode pitches

We are really committed to seeking out a diverse range of guests for the podcast and always love to hear from experts who might not be so frequently represented in the online business space. 

We love...

Not for us...

Podcast guest application

Apply to be a podcast guest on Building your Brand

We’ve popped together a list of the qualities we’re looking for in a great podcast guest pitch. Once you’ve got these together, pop them over to the email below for the production team to review.

Unfortunately, due to high application quantities, we’re not always able to respond to pitch emails.

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Partner with our leading independent podcast with over 100 episodes and 80+ 5-star reviews, and reach our growing audience of engaged, inspired small business owners.

Frequently asked questions about being a podcast guest?

If you have any questions about pitching to the Building your Brand podcast that hasn’t been answered here then feel free to poop us a message, we’d love to help.


No not at all. Ideally we would love to see an example of you speaking somewhere, but this can be as simple as a reel or even some instagram stories.

You cannot pay to be a BYB podcast guest, there is only one application process which is based on the story and guest pitch. Check out our sponsorship page for paid partnership opportunities 🙂

We do not pay guests to appear on the Building you Brand podcast as we feel that it is a fair exchange, but we totally respect your choice if you are only willing to appear for a fee. We recommend you seek out other podcasts that are willing to pay a fee. 

It usually take about an hour, but we schedule in 75 minutes just to be on the safe side 

It honestly varies, and sometimes it can take a couple of months depending on how far ahead we are recording. If there is a particular date you would like the episode to come out on to coincide with an event or launch we will do our best accomadate that where possible. 

We don’t tend to send questions in advance as we find the conversation flows much better without the guest having prepped for it. If you would like the questions in advance though we will do our best to provide them in advance. 

No we don’t send you the recording to listen to before it goes live unless there is a particular reason it or it is a sensitive topic. At the end of the recording though if there is anything you would like use to edit out, just let us know. 

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