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Reach your target audience whilst they do their washing up, walk their dog, and drive to work. Podcast advertising is one of the most engaged and absorbed marketing channels.

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About Building your Brand

Graphic Designer Liz Mosley wants small business owners to build businesses that they LOVE and feel confident about promoting. 

Through her decade of branding and design experience and with the help of her guests, she shares top tips to take the fear out of selling and building your brand.

Since the first episode launch in 2021 and she fell in love with podcasting, she has been committed to interviewing a diverse range of guests, covering practical and helpful topics.

These are the sort of episodes you are going to want to listen to with a notebook. 

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Last updated: Spring 2024
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Guidelines for sponsors

At Building your Brand, we choose to partner with sponsors that align with our values, and that we feel will benefit our audience of creative small business owners.

It’s an added bonus if you are a brand or business that Liz already uses. 

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Podcast sponsorship packages & prices

Episode sponsorship

Sponsor a block of 6 or 12 episodes and reach thousands of creative small business owners

Our most popular sponsorship package. Loved by creative tech companies and independent brands.

6 episode sponsorship

£750 + VAT

12 episode sponsorship

£1,200 + VAT

Blog & social content

Work with Liz to reach over 5,000 email subscribers and 16,000+ Instagram followers

Collaborate beyond podcast content by dedicated email and social media content.

Get in touch and we would be happy to put together a custom sponsorship package.

In just one email campaign for a previous sponsor generated £600 in affiliate sales from our small business audience, who are ready to buy.

Custom collaborations

Liz is always open to discussing more custom collaborations

If you have any ideas of ways she could work with your business then she would love to hear from you.

Podcast sponsorship

Limited packages for independent small businesses

To further support our audience of small creative business owners, we have a limited amount of low-cost, single-episode ad space we are reserving exclusively for independent brands, freelancers, and start-ups

From photographers to copywriters to illustrators to videographers and beyond, get in touch to apply.

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Frequently asked questions about podcast sponsorship

If you have any questions about sponsoring Building your Brand by Liz Mosley then we’d love to help.

Sponsorship FAQs

Once the sponsorship packaged has been arranged and confirm we will send an invoice for the full amount before the first AD goes out. Alternatively we can arrange a payment plan where 50% is paid before the campaign and 50% once the campaign ends

We tend to book sponsors for blocks of 12 episodes so the more notice you can give us the better, a month or two would be ideal.

There is no particular criteria and eligibility for this will be decided on a case by case basis. We would want you to be a micro or small business with a fairly small marketing budget. If you are a larger company we would definitely recommend booking a block of episodes to sponsor as that will have more impact

No, we will arrange with you the period during which your advert will go out but you will not get a say in which guest episodes are released during that period. If you have any concerns though we are happy to discuss them with you.

Yes. Liz will write the advert which you will be able to approve (but we would encourage keeping it in Liz’s tone of voice as that will sounds most authentic and have more impact) and then Liz will record the advert which you will also be sent to listen to and approve before it goes out in any episodes. 

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