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7 January 2024

All the tech I currently use in my business

The other day my friend asked me to list for her all the tech that I use in my business. I scribbled it all down on a bit of paper for her and then thought – I actually LOVE finding out this information about other business and am always interested it what they use to streamline and make their businesses run smoothly. So I have turned my list into a blog post for you incase you are nosey like me!

Disclaimer – some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links. These are all tools that I genuinely use and love and so would be sharing either way but by clicking and signing up for any of these tools with my affiliate link I will get a little reward and it’s a great way to support my business that doesn’t cost you anything.

So buckle in – and here comes the list and a few thoughts on each one (it’s a long list!)


Thrivecart and Learn +

So this is what I use for selling all of my digital products and I also use it to build and host all of my courses. With Learn + this means I can have unlimited courses and students and my favourite thing about Thrivecart is that it’s a one time fee rather than a subscription model.



I use Loom in two ways. Firstly it is where I host all of the videos for any of my courses or digital products and then secondly I use it to send videos to my clients. This could be a mini tutorial - or talking through the latest round of designs.



There is lot’s I love about Flodesk but one of the main things is that the cost stays the same however big your list is which is great for me as my mailing list has grown 600% in the last two years!


Adobe Express

So for the last year I have been an Adobe Express ambassador and I genuinely love using it. It’s one powerful tool and they have already announced some incredible updates that will be coming soon in 2023 which I know for sure are going to make it even better.


Liz Wilcox’s membership

Every Monday Liz Wilcox sends an email template for you to use. The concept is so simple, yet so valuable. I don’t necessarily use them every week but knowing there is a whole bank of template emails that I can use and customise for my business on those weeks when I am running short on ideas is a game changer!



I used to use Trello but am now using Notion and I really love it. I’m on the free plan and finding it really useful so far. I’ve also seen people do some pretty awesome things with it so excited to dig deeper and maybe even set up some automations!



Zapier is a pretty incredible automation tool - but it is quite expensive and this one is not always on my tech list. I basically sign up for a couple of months every now and then if I need it. It has the potential to save you hours!

Graphic showing different app icons of the Adobe family

Adobe Creative Cloud

To be honest this one should be right at the top of this list because as a designer it’s what I use in my work EVERY SINGLE DAY (probably for the last 20 years I would say). There are so many different programmes I use and there is still so much to explore.



When I quit my 9-5 job after having kids I went for a quite a few years with no pension and I’ll be honest it made me feel really anxious that I was ‘falling behind’ with my pension. Now it is set up it’s giving me so much peace of mind.



Dubsado is a client management tool and yes I use it with my clients for contracts and questionnaires and booking meetings with them - but the way it’s been a game changer for me  is with the workflow I’ve set up to manage podcast guests. It’s all automated, it collects information from them for the show notes. It makes the whole process of managing guests a dream!



I only use this because it’s what my accountants use - but I have no complaints. It makes my life so much easier. I use it for invoicing all of my clients and I love how it keeps track of everything and I can easily check the figures of my different income streams because they helped me set it all up properly.



This is where I host my podcast. On the whole I like it and it’s easy to use - but they keep redesigning the dashboard and so it feels like every couple of months I have to get used to something new - which is frankly frustrating. But it does everything I need it to do and I will stick with it because the faff of changing is too much for me to handle!



This has been brilliant (and actually hosts podcasts too so I could potentially move mine over if I can be bothered). I use it to record all of my podcast episodes. It records separate audio tracks for me and the guest and also video too so that I can make teasers. The quality is great. So far I haven’t had to pay for it also which is pretty amazing.

Ok I know that this tech stack is loooonnnggg and you might be freaking out thinking you need all of these things. You almost certainly don’t and this is effectively the tech of like three different types of business because I do lots of different things - so remember there is the podcast, the courses I run and host and also me the branding designer managing clients. You probably won’t need all of these things and there are always different alternatives to everything.

Anyway I would love to know what you think - has this been helpful? Do you use any of these tools?

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